Ribollita is a Tuscan semi-solid soup, typically served in the winter months. Although there are as many recipes as there are cooks, its essential ingredients are cavolo nero (Tuscan or lacinato kale), cannellini beans and Tuscan (saltless) bread.  It is an example of rustic cucina povera that has become popular and is now among the best known Tuscan dishes.  The soup’s origins go back to the Middle Ages when nobles would eat meat that had been placed on pieces of unleavened bread.  This bread was then given to the servants who would eat it with whatever ingredients they could find – usually vegetables like carrots, cabbage and celery to which liquid was added for volume.  This mixture was then reheated and eaten over several days, hence today’s ribollita – boiled again.  As the centuries went by, this dish was refined and adjusted.  Often peasant women would prepare it on a Friday when religion dictated no meat be eaten, so the ingredients used were bread, vegetables and legumes.  It’s delicious, nutritious and great for cold winter days.  This is a good version.