Year: 2021

Roman ceremonial chariot found near Pompeii

Recent excavations in and around Pompeii have unearthed some exceptional finds and now researchers have announced the discovery of a ceremonial chariot found in a villa near stables where horses were uncovered two years ago.  The chariot is described as almost intact with iron elements and bronze and tin decorations.  It is believed that the chariot was used in parades or festivities and possibly marriage processions – given the erotic nature of some of those decorations.  This is the first such chariot to be found in Italy.  It is believed to have been so well-preserved because it was sheltered by a portico when the walls of the space it was in collapsed around it and was also spared damage by modern-day antiquities looters who had dug tunnels in the surrounding area.  The chariot is now undergoing a restoration and reconstruction process after its centuries buried in volcanic material.

Dante 700

Throughout 2021 there are expected to be events, shows and exhibits that commemorate the 700th anniversary of the year of Dante’s death.  Already, since 2019, “Dantedi'” has been celebrated on March 25th and again this year many programs are planned for this date.  During his life (1265-1321) Dante travelled to and lived in various Italian towns and cities, starting with his birthplace, Florence, and including Verona, Rome, Pisa, Forli’ and Ravenna. There will be commemorative events connected to Dante in these cities and throughout Italy.   Many of these will be online.  The Uffizi Galleries in Florence is currently hosting  a virtual exhibition in high definition of rarely seen illustrations by Federico Zuccari of the Divine Comedy.  This is the first time that a broad public is able to see the drawings (made between 1586 and 1588)  in their entirety and in such detail.  It’s a treat for art lovers and Dante fans!