Italiano per tutti was created in New York City in 2009 by Anna Squatriti, a long-time Italian language teacher, in order to satisfy her students’ requests both for customized lessons and for activities and events in which to practice speaking Italian.

Anna Squatriti

Anna was born and grew up in Rome.  She has taught Italian language and literature in New York for over 25 years.  In addition to teaching, Anna managed an Italian language school for adults for 12 years. These experiences have contributed to an extensive knowledge both of students’ needs and of language-teaching techniques.  Anna has developed language classes and materials that are focused on improving students’ verbal language skills, without neglecting grammar. Anna travels regularly in Italy and maintains active contacts with Italians both in Italy and in New York.


Italiano per tutti’s professional Italian teachers are all native speakers, representing Italy in its entirety from the north to the south.  They have a wide range of specializations and accomplishments and are adept at putting students at their ease, creating a pleasant and dynamic learning environment, while providing the tools for a solid foundation and increasing mastery of the Italian language.