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La Serenissima festival

Carnegie Hall has organized a festival dedicated to the music and arts of the Venetian Republic – La Serenissima, or “Most Serene Republic.”  The Republic grew from Byzantine settlements in a lagoon to a great maritime power and commercial center that was essentially a crossroads between East and West.  It flourished for over one thousand years until it fell to Napoleon in 1797.  The festival traces the cultural evolution of the Republic with a series of Venetian-themed events of concerts, opera, theater, art and lectures that are taking place at Carnegie Hall but also in other venues.

Opera and more in Verona

The summer opera season in Verona’s Roman amphitheater has begun and an article in the travel section of Il Sole 24 Ore discusses what to see and do in this beautiful city.  Verona abounds in artistic treasures going form Roman ruins to new multi-ethnic museums.  The old city center also has many osterie where one can sit and try local wines accompanied by small and delicious bites to eat before going to a production of Il Barbiere or Aida.